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Aware of the importance of cultural heritage in the Atlantic space, the Dorna Project has identified a series of problems that are common to all the European regions with Atlantic coast: the loss of boatyards of traditional vessels. Their gradual close-down goes parallel to the loss of the models of traditional boats in these regions and with them the common features that could categorize an “Atlantic model of traditional boat” will also be lost. The recovery of these boatyards and the valorisation of this sector not only aims at the conservation of the maritime cultural heritage, but also to exploit its environmental and social potential as an internal factor for economic regional development.

This project goes beyond the mere transfer of know-how. It aims to create a network of regions that elaborates a common multi-centric strategy for the recovery of the Atlantic traditional boats and that jointly promotes a specific element of the Atlantic cultural heritage, such as traditional vessels and boatyards.

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