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The Dorna Project falls under the Framework of the Atlantic Area Programme, the Transnational Cooperation Programme of the European Territorial Cooperation objective, which is the cohesion policy instrument for the programming period 2007-2013. It is financed by the European Commission through the European regional development fund (ERDF). The current Atlantic Area of Cooperation covers all of Ireland and the Atlantic regions of Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom. Its global strategic goal is the achievement of significant and tangible progress in matters of transnational cooperation with the objective of favouring a cohesive, sustainable and balanced territorial development of the Atlantic Area and its maritime heritage. The strategy of the Programme is implemented through four strategic priorities: promote transnational entrepreneurial and innovation networks; protect, secure and enhance the marine and coastal environment sustainably; improve accessibility and internal links; promote transnational synergies in sustainable urban and regional development. The Dorna Project is part of the latter. Dorna is the Spanish acronym for Organized and Sustainable Development in the Atlantic Northwest.

 DORNA promotes the conservation and recovery of the traditional nautical heritage of the European Atlantic coastal regions as an endogenous element for local development. It is based on the recommendations established by the ‘Green Paper – Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union: A European vision for the oceans and seas COM (2006)’, starting from a necessarily global approach on the different problems posed by conservation and valorisation of the Atlantic nautical heritage.

The total budget of the Project is 1,583,244.51 €

Funding with ERDF funds: 1,029,108.93 €

Partnership co-funding: 554,135.58 €

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