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The Project will contribute to the development of the economies of the Atlantic coastal regions. The economical development of the regions involved in DORNA is one of its main challenges and will take place through, on the one hand, the reactivation of the naval sector focused on traditional boats through the definition and creation of the brand BATE (Traditional Euro-Atlantic Boat) and, on the other hand, through actions that will foster Atlantic tourist routes through the creation of an integrated tourist product, with a consistent focus on quality and sustainability.

Main objective

Conservation and recovery of traditional nautical heritage from the European Atlantic coastal regions, as an endogenous part of local development.

Dorna starts from a holistic approach on the different issues posed by the conservation and promotion of nautical heritage of the Atlantic coast. From that necessarily global approach, the Dorna project focuses on the development and promotion of traditional vessels from a cultural diversity and economic sustainability perspective.

Specific objectives

  • Identification and valorisation of the nautical heritage of the European Atlantic regions.
  • Promotion and recovery of the culture related to Atlantic traditional boats.
  • Endogenous and sustainable development of the naval sector in the Atlantic Area with a specialization on traditional vessels.
  • Development of tourism by bringing into the market new products (traditional boats) related to Atlantic culture.

Extension facility objective

The main objective of Dorna Project expansion is to strengthen of the business framework of coastal areas by supporting innovation and the development of wooden shipbuilding, optimizing the use of local resources and reducing the environmental impact of the activity.

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