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Diputación Provincial de A Coruña

Address Alférez Provisional, 2

Phone +34 981 080 331

E-mail dorna@dicoruna.es

Web www.dicoruna.es


Main activity
Local council in charge of promoting the economic, social and cultural development of the province of A Coruña. It performs all the necessary functions to bolster the municipalities that are part of it.

Previous experience
Broad experience in management of European Projects such as Interreg IIIA (Parks, Vías Atlánticas, Turmas, Culturnova); Global Grant (Inserta, Insertamos, Proximitas, Proximitas Plus) and Art. 6 of the European Social Fund (Rurbanet, Chronos), EQUAL (Muller XXI, Convive máis), Progress (Ancobest).
Has previous experience in the domain of traditional vessels.

Consellería do Medio Rural e do Mar (Xunta de Galicia)

Address Edifício Administrativo de San Caetano, s/n

Phone +34 981 546 142

Web www.medioruralemar.xunta.es/

Main activity

Regional authority in charge of developing the competences and functions in the fields of: fisheries management, shell-fishing, aquiculture, trade associations, fisheries cooperation with third countries, etc. 


Previous experience

Participation in numerous European projects, both directly and through organizations directly dependent of the Consellería. Some examples are: project NEXUS REDE y SEREA (FSE), AQUAREG (Interreg IIIC), EASY y GASD (Espacio Atlántico, IIIB), Be-Fair.

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia

Address Praza da Quintana, 3

Phone +34 981 552 400

E-mail coagsede@coag.es

Web www.coag.es

Main activity
Its work combines professional aspects with the focus on Galicia’s problems in cultural, social, economical and planning aspects, collaborating with the political-administrative, educational and cultural domains.

Previous experience
Participation in European projects, collaboration and edition of numerous studies on cultural, social and economical topics. Collaboration in various cataloguing processes on local heritage in Galicia.

OARSOALDEA, S.A. Agencia de Desarrollo Comarcal

Address Astigarragako bidea, 2 – 2º

Phone +34 943 494 129

E-mail oarsoaldea@oarsoaldea.net

Web www.oarsoaldea.net


Main activity

Promotion of the development at county level of the municipalities of Errenteria, Lezo, Pasaia y Oiartzun (Basque country), through the implementation of policies and collaboration with the administrations in the domains that foster its development.


Previous experience

Experience in projects similar to Dorna, along with association Albaola and other entities related to nautical heritage, giving support and bringing along its experience.

Associaçao das indústrias maritimas

Address R. Jorge Afonso, 31- 6º

Phone +35 121 781 8774

E-mail ain@ain.pt

Web www.ain.pt

Main activity

This association consists of a large number of entities related to the naval and maritime industry of Portugal, coordinating joint activities for the development of the sector and its promotion.


Previous experience

Collaboration with different European projects and in assessing and researching about traditional boat carpentry in Portugal.

Galgael Trust

Address 15 Fairley Street

Phone +44 014 142 730 70

E-mail mail@galgael.org

Web www.galgael.org


Main activity

It works on the preservation and enhancement value strategy of nautical heritage in its region. In order to do this, it conducts research, and refurbishes and builds traditional vessels.


Previous experience

It works on the preservation and enhancement value strategy of nautical heritage, from awareness raising actions to the construction of boats, compiling and updating naval databases of naval carpentry.

Federación Galega pola Cultura Marítima e Fluvial

Address Avda. da Coruña s/n - Casa da Cultura

Phone +34 986 524 845

E-mail fgcmf@culturamaritima.org

Web www.culturamaritima.org

Main activity

Entity focused on the recovery, preservation and promotion of maritime culture and traditional vessels in Galicia.


Previous experience

It orients its efforts in the valorisation of Galicia’s nautical heritage, for which it has collaborated in numerous actions and studies at local, regional and international level.

Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos

Address Avda. de Vigo, 135-137, Entlo. 1

Phone +34 981 372 200

E-mail coingalicia@telefonica.net

Web www.ingenierosnavales.com


Main activity

Research and counselling on issues related to naval construction, maritime traffic, fishing, nautical sport and leisure industries, and use of maritime resources.


Previous experience

It has edited and collaborated in numerous studies on naval carpentry and boatyards, as well as having a sound knowledge of the regulations applicable to the project.

Conseil Régional de Bretagne

Address 283 Avenue du Général Patton CS 21101

Phone +33 299271564

Web www.bretagne.fr

Main activity

Public administration, expression of French decentralization, whose activity covers various domains of economical, social and cultural management of the Bretagne region.


Previous experience

It has taken part in numerous projects related to its nautical heritage as well as gathering an enormous experience in management of European projects. As a public administration, it collaborates with numerous entities of the naval and tourism sectors.

Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Ulster

Address Cromore Road, Centre for Maritime Archaeology

Phone +44 0 28 70323093

Web www.science.ulster.ac.uk


Main activity

Study and research of maritime heritage, development of studies and reports as well as advisory services to public and private entities.


Previous experience

As a university they have edited and collaborated with a vast number of studies, research and projects related to maritime heritage and its cataloguing. They have experience in European projects.

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