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"Un mar de saberes" European Maritime Day in Galicia

The conference "Un mar de saberes" ("A sea of knowledge" ) is organized on the occasion of the European Maritime Day in O Freixo - Serra de Outes (A Coruña)

The next May 22 the Consellería  do Mar, DORNA project partner, organized in O Freixo - Outes (A Coruña) the conference "Un mar de saberes" ("A sea of knowledge" ), an event commemorating the European Maritime Day which aims to recover the sea and all related to it, as part of the common stock of Europe.

European Projects DORNA - Organized and Sustainable Development in Northwest Atlantic Resources, NEA2 - Nautisme Atlantic Area 2, (both the Atlantic Space Programme) and FISHERNET - Fishing Heritage Network (Culture Programme of the European Union), whose core work on heritage items associated with the sea, agreed to jointly organize a conference that in addition to claim the sea as the common heritage of Galicia and Europeans, become a suitable moment to present the work in the three projects. 

The cultural heritage of the sea is very important in Galicia, the sea is one of our identity elements. Galicia is, as is seafood and fishing. Elements of the sea are symbols of our daily activities or leisure. Rianxeira sung at the football field from one of our teams, Four old sailors closed many party nights, sardines make San Juan the festival par excellence. And we all know that "Where there is no pattern sailor sends" (popular proverb) . 

But the rich maritime heritage of Galicia is at risk of abandonment. If we don't produce and generate new wealth will be abandoned. Preserve and encourage it to produce is the common element of the three European projects. Rescue from oblivion the knowledge of the sea and use them to create new jobs and businesses. The projects work mainly in three areas: culture, traditional carpentry and recreational water activities.

"Un mar de saberes"  wants to approach the Galician maritime heritage and its use in generating wealth and their conservation. 

22th May 2010. Location: Assembly Hall of fish market of O Freixo.
10:00 - Opening
10:30 - "Maritime Heritage and water sport". Víctor Fernández González. President of the Federación Galega pola Cultura Marítima e Fluvial
11:00 - "A traditional carpentry of the seaside: asset value, future value." Triñanes Gerardo Dominguez. President of the Asociación Galega de Carpinteiros de Ribeira
11:30 - "
A traditional carpentry of the seaside in A Coruña during the Old Regime"." José Manuel Vázquez Lijo. Historian
12:00 - Poetic Recital
12:30 - Boat Ride / Tour are running in traditional carpentry of seaside
16:30 - Boat Ride / Tour are running in traditional carpentry of seaside

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